Release Notes

0.0.6-b4: March 13, 2023

  • Added an option to remove the legend from plot.

  • Now planar layers do not add fill material by default, only if fill_refractive_index is defined.

  • Updated meshing algorithm to fix bugs at shape interfaces.

  • plot now shows positive and negative field values on the colorbar.

  • Fixed error when setting wavelength units to ‘um’ in add_material.

  • Added options to improve sidewall scattering accuracy. See details in the documentation for the scattering function.

0.0.5-b3: February 3, 2023

  • Scattering loss now works with angled sidewalls.

  • For scattering, the default for mode is ‘all’.

  • Added imaginary index capability to add_material.

  • Bend mode solver updated so field patterns and loss are now more accurate.

  • Switched from uniaxial pml to stretched-coordinate pml.

  • User-defined materials now override EMode database materials.

  • plot now shows shapes with the same refractive index in a different color.

  • Added capability to solve for the magnetic field instead of the electric field. See the field_to_solve parameter in settings.

  • Removed the field_calc option from FDM. Now the fields will always be available, but they will not be stored in memory. This reduces the memory usage by about 7x.

  • Saved .eph files do not contain the raw field data by default. This can be controlled with the save_all_fields parameter in save and close.

  • material_explorer now shows user added materials.